Australian Made / Owned Since 1989!!

- Adjust easily - can be moved from car to car.

- The ultimate aerodynamics, strength and aesthetics 

- Quiet to 180km/h with our specially designed turbulators.

- RAK's are perfect for water-sports, snow-sport and bikes as well as tradies and travelers.

- Patented Australian design.

- 100 KG max load per bar.

- Won't rust.

- All key locking.

Rak Aerodynamic roof racks offers breakthrough design, engineering and manufacturing to deliver a world class rack system that is lightweight, strong and corrosion free. Adjustable to fit almost all cars.

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Rak Products

Patented aerodynamic design - and Made in Australia. The Removable RAKS are suitable for nearly any vehicle. Easily installed and removed as and when you want them - our RAKS are rated for loads up to 100Kg. Perfect for People who don't want or need Racks on the roof all the time, You can swap the RAK between cars.

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